Back to Karkand dated for PlayStation 3

Games developer DICE has confirmed that the Back to Karkand downloadable content for Battlefield 3 will be released on 6 December for the PlayStation 3. While there is still no official word for PC or Xbox,it is expected to be released a week later, as DICE previously confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will get DLC exclusivity for a week.

A screenshot from Battlefield 3 (image: EA)

When downloading the pack, gamers will receive the Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula maps, five new dog tags, five new achievements/trophies, three new vehicles (desert patrol vehicle, BTR-90 armoured personnel carrier, F-35B STOVL jet fighter) and ten iconic Battlefield weapons.

The new trophies included in the DLC are:

* Complete Warrior (Silver)

* Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Rifle, Jet, Tank

* Third Tour (Bronze)

* Get a kill with the new APC, Desert Buggy, and STOVL fighter jet

* Gunslinger (Bronze)

* Get 10 kills with all B2K weapons

* Like a Boss! (Silver)

* Get a kill with the skid loader

* Jaws (Bronze)

* Take a swim in the pool at the Oman hotel

Charlie Fripp – Acting Online editor