Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Android reaches 10-billion app downloads

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Google has announced that their Android Marketplace has sold 10 billion apps since its opening – that is 4-billion downloads since July this year.

A graph showing the Marketplace growth (image: Google)

“This past weekend, thanks to Android users around the world, Android Market exceeded 10 billion app downloads – with a growth rate of one billion app downloads per month. We can’t wait to see where this accelerating growth takes us in 2012,” Google wrote on their blog.

As part of the celebrations, Google will be making 10 apps a day available for only US 10c, and these include Asphalt 6 HD, Color & Draw for Kids, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Fieldrunners HD, Great Little War Game, Minecraft, Paper Camera, Sketchbook Mobile, Soundhound Infinity and SwiftKey X.

The apps are also available in the South African marketplace for just 80c.

“Of course, none of these apps would have existed if it weren’t for the developers who created them. Every day, these developers continue to push the limits on what’s possible and delight us in the process. For that, we thank them,” Google concluded.

Charlie Fripp – Acting Online editor

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