Internet-free Facebook comes to Portuguese-speaking Africa

November 30, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Communication is vitally important for most users, and with Facebook adding more users by the day, ForgetMeNot Africa has come up with a solution to keep the people of the remote islands of Cape Verde connected.

Portuguese speaking Africans will now be able to enjoy internet-free Facebook (image: Facebook)

The company launched the first Internet-free Facebook, email and online chat service for Portuguese-speaking Africans, and mobile operator T-Mais is improving its subscribers’ access to mobile internet by enabling internet messaging via SMS.

“Our development work means that ForgetMeNot Africa technology can now serve the vast majority of people across Africa, no matter whether they speak English, French or Portuguese. This is a major step towards our aim to bridge the digital divide in Africa by providing internet messaging on every mobile phone on the continent,” said Jeremy George, Chief Operating Officer for ForgetMeNot Africa.

According to ForgetMeNot Africa, “the new Ch@t+ service uses ForgetMeNot Africa’s unique Message Optimiser technology to convert Facebook actions and updates, emails and online chat messages into SMS format, and vice-versa. It bypasses the need for internet access and does not require subscriptions, smartphones, software downloads or data connections – transforming even the most basic handset into a virtual smartphone.”

“T-Mais is transforming all of its subscribers’ mobile phones into virtual smartphones, no matter how basic their handset is. By providing affordable access to Facebook, email and online chat on the go, without the need for data plans or expensive handsets, T-Mais is extending more convenient internet messaging capabilities to its entire subscriber base,” added George.

Customers can use the service for free until 18 December.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor



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