Zim’s Mutambara calls for ICT education funding

Information Communication Technology (ICT) will revolutionise Zimbabwe’s education sector.

Arthur Mutambara, Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister (image source: Zimbojam.com)

This is according to Zimbabwe’s Deputy Prime Minister, Arthur Mutambara.

Mutambara was addressing journalists last Friday 7 October 2011 during a three-day ICT conference held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mutambara, who is one of the few robotics engineers in Africa, urged Zimbabwe to prioritise funding of its ICT sector arguing that technology has the potential of driving the country’s economy.

Apart from revolutionising the education sector, Mutambara said ICT could also become a catalyst in driving other sectors of economy such as agriculture and mining.

“ICT will revolutionise even education, imagine pupils from Tsholotsho (a remote rural area in Zimbabwe) having access of notes from Harvard University.

“We as government must put in place policies that promote ICTs. We must put our money where our mouth is. We must walk the talk,” said Mutambara.

He urged the Zimbabwe government, currently lagging behind when it comes to ICT, to make amends and overtake those that are ahead in ICT development such as South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

“Technology is an equaliser. Being behind is an opportunity to leapfrog. The advantage with ICT is that we don’t have legacy challenges. Poor people will understand the importance of banking on the cellphone compared to those in rich countries. Even if we are behind, we are going to move faster than rich

“ICT plays the intermediary role where you take away the teacher, you take away the classroom, students learn directly from the computer,” said Mutambara.

Zimbabwe’s ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa, urged participants to make use of shared technology in order to make an impact in the economic transformation of the country.

Marcus Mushonga