Vodacom Tanzania offers flexible bill payments


Vodacom Tanzania and Nokia Siemens Networks has announced an agreement with Vodacom Tanzania to offer flexible bill payment options.

Dietlof Mare, Vodacom Tanzania MD (image source: Vodacom Tanzania)

Nokia Siemens Networks has migrated the existing charging and billing system of Vodacom Tanzania to its own charge-at-once unified platform.

With the unified platform, Vodacom Tanzania’s customers can now flexibly choose either prepaid, post paid or a combination of both payment options for voice, data and SMS services. The platform also offers a wide set of pre-defined modules that can be used to create marketing campaigns with minimal effort and more flexibility in a shorter turnaround time.

“We wanted our customers to be the first to enjoy flexibility in bill payments, and we have become the first ones to implement this flexibility in Africa,” said Dietlof Mare, Vodacom Tanzania MD in a statement.

“Nokia Siemens Networks’ exceptional delivery capabilities ensured fast rollout of flexible payment methods for all services used by our individual and enterprise customers. The new platform also significantly reduces the effort required for the implementation of these flexible payment options. With a customer base of over ten million subscribers, we are always committed to bringing world-class solutions to our customers in the Tanzanian market,” added Dietlof.

Deon Geyser, customer team head at Nokia Siemens Networks said: “Implementing Nokia Siemens Networks’ unified charging and billing platform is an example of Vodacom’s commitment to introducing the latest technology on the market, offering a wide range of services with flexible payment methods. The platform provides flexible bill payment options for both fixed and mobile network services for all customers.”

With migration to Nokia Siemens Networks’ charge-at-once unified platform, the customers of Vodacom Tanzania can now choose post-paid method for using services for business purposes, and prepaid option for private voice calls or SMS. In addition, the platform enables family contracts, where parents can opt for post-paid payment for their voice services and use their phones to recharge their children’s prepaid subscriptions.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ charging and billing platform has a variety of features including self administration, which allows customers to set bill limits and receive alerts on exceeding it. It also allows them various options for recharging their prepaid accounts. With this platform, the operator can also offer special SMS plans as well as customised tariff schemes to its subscribers for internet use.

Vodacom Tanzania Limited is Tanzania’s leading cellular network offering state-of-the-art GSM communication services to more than 10 million customers across the country. It is a subsidiary company of Vodacom Group of South Africa.

Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of telecommunications services.

Arnold Kimbuka