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Tanooki power-up returns to Mario

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Mario is back and ready to take over your Nintendo 3DS this Christmas. Mario stars in two exciting new Nintendo 3DS games when Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 launch across South Africa on 18th November and 2nd December respectively.

A screenshot of Super Mario 3D Land (image: Nintendo)

Both games are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and both feature classic Mario action including a return of the classic Tanooki power-up.

The game features a unique mix of classic and brand new Mario gameplay. Princess Peach is in trouble once again; Bowser has kidnapped her and there is only one man who can save the day.

Super Mario 3D Land mixes traditional elements of side-scrolling Mario titles like Super Mario Bros.  3 (NES™) and New Super Mario Bros. (DS), with newer 3D platforming action as seen in 3D Mario titles such as Super Mario Galaxy (Wii).

The game offers game play that every Mario player can easily get into as well as challenges for the biggest Mario experts. Can you make it to the Goal Pole in one piece?

Get ready to master a mixture of new and classic abilities on your quest through the Mushroom Kingdom, as the fan-favourite Tanooki Suit also returns.

By collecting a brown Super Leaf, Mario slips into his cute and furry Tanooki Suit giving him the ability to glide in mid air as well as perform a tail attack. You will also have fun mastering the many other abilities from the Propeller Box which makes Mario fly high in the air and the Fire Flower that allows Mario to throw fireballs at enemies.

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