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SAP launches mobile apps in Nigeria

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SAP has released new mobile applications onto the Nigerian market aimed at improving efficiency in communication.

A screenshot of SAP's mobile application (image source: file photo)

Speaking at the SAP World Tour of Nigeria in Lagos last week, SAP president in charge of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Franck Cohen, said the introduction of new applications would, among others, boost the status of the booming smartphone business.

Cohen revealed that a whopping one billion smartphones and tablets were expected to be released onto the market by 2015, a development that demands the expertise of SAP in the solution and software application business to add value to the communication and information technology sector.

“Our solutions are meant to develop businesses and we don’t only innovate, we co-innovate,” said Cohen.

Cohen said the coming in of both new smartphones and tablets would change the way companies, governments, non-governmental organisations and individuals conduct their businesses through Sap’s various solutions and applications.

Speaking at the same event, SAP Managing Director for West Africa, Richard Edet, said his company’s growth was expected to increase on the African continent through the adoption of new technology and SAP solutions in the area of mobility and cloud computing.

Tried and tested for 40 years in the provision of solutions and applications, SAP aims to add value as well as improve productivity in corporate organisations on a global scale.

SAP’s solutions and applications are widely credited with bringing value to the Nigeria community and that of the entire West African region.

Okoro Chinedu

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