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HP Enterprise Business remains profitable

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HP hosted its Enterprise Business (EB) Quarterly update on 13 October 2011 at Liliesfarm in Rivonia, a world heritage site in South Africa.

Gois Fouche, HP Enterprise Business Strategy and Transformation Manager (image source: HP)

Gois Fouche, HP Enterprise Business Strategy and Transformation Manager said HP EB remains focused on maintaining a strong and profitable business. Fouche indicated that the company recently made two key global appointments.

Meg Whitman has been appointed as the new HP CEO and Ryan Lane as the new Executive Chairman. Both were existing board members,” said Fouche.

Fouche said HP’s strategy for Enterprise Business has not changed. She said her company’s key message was “to provide a seamless, secure, context aware experience for a connected world – starting with everybody on. That’s the future. This is what we’re living now.”
“The strategy and vision remains. We are about executing the process,” said Fouche.

PSG (Personal Solutions Group) Business

Fouche emphasised that PSG, HP’s PC business, had been given the mandate to provide insight into its plans to reposition itself for the future, taking into account the changes in the industry and trends in consumer spending.

“Statistics indicate that there will be 10 times more mobile devices than PC or laptop devices in the next 15 years,” said Fouche.

Fouche stressed that HP did not lose global market share as a result of the misunderstanding and media reports that it’s quitting the PC business.

“The PC business actually gained market share in quarter 2,” said Fouche.

What is HP going to do with the PSG business?

“PSG are looking at how best to address the future and what will be the best legal structure; for example – do they remain as a division within HP or do they become a stand-alone?” “That decision is expected before the end of 2011,”said Fouche.


HP’s latest acquisition is Autonomy, worth about $10.3 billion.

“Their key ability is to provide insight and foresight on unstructured data,” said Fouche.

“85% of the data that exists today is unstructured, including photos, emails, voice mails, videos.

“As we’ve moved from the technology age into the information age – what do we do with this information? That is why HP acquired autonomy,” said Fouche.

Africa expansion

“HP further expanded into Africa by opening 10 new offices over and above the existing footprint,” said Fouche.
Fouche said the company already services and sells across the African continent through its existing channel network.

“HP currently has the largest footprint as an IT company across Africa.”


“The decision was made to discontinue webOS devices but not the webOS operating software business,” said Fouche.
“The touchpad devices were discontinued.”

“We are keeping the webOS software. It remains part of our portfolio. It is very important in the our strategy. It brings certain functionalities that the existing Android and iOS do not have.

“HP is in capable hands, we are confident in our future,” Fouche concluded.

Bontle MoengITNewsAfrica Online Editor

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