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Gateway renews Mozambique’s data licence

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Gateway Communications, a supplier of pan-African telecommunications services, has renewed its 5 year data and wholesale licence in Mozambique.

Mike van den Bergh, Gateway Communications CEO

Gateway Communications’ Mozambican office first opened in 2001.

Gateway Communications currently provides Mozambican customers with capacity on satellite, terrestrial connections and sub-sea cables (SEACOM and EASSy), servicing a number of local Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs).

The company is also working with MNOs to provide 3G connectivity to rural areas across Mozambique.

“Mozambique has an Internet penetration of less than 3% (ITU, 2010) – this is set to change with an increase in 3G networks and the creation of future telecoms infrastructure in the northern parts of the country,” says Silvio do Carmo, Wholesale Business Development Director, Gateway Communications.

“An increase in capacity will allow key sectors such as mining, tourism and agriculture to develop further, increasing Mozambique’s GDP,” says do Carmo.

Gateway Communications aims to improve in-country infrastructure and telecommunications networks as well as provide greater access to cost-effective broadband connectivity.

The company has also increased its African peering in the SADC region, with Internet exchanges on the East African coast connecting to South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

“We look forward to increasing our customer base in Mozambique and exploring further growth opportunities in terrestrial connectivity,” adds do Carmo.

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