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Cisco: Emerging markets remain key priority

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Cisco Systems, a global networking company highlighted its 5 key business priorities and the role of emerging markets, during a function held in Johannesburg on 30 September 2011.

David Meads, Cisco Country General Manager (image source: Cisco South Africa)

Speaking during an informal media briefing, David Meads, Cisco Country General Manager said business leaders are faced with balancing opex (operational expenses) and capex (capital expense) in a tough business environment.

“Cisco believes firmly that cloud computing will play a key role in helping people to do that. It will help them better manage the way in which they use their opex and capex,” said Meads.

“Cloud Computing helps them to gain competitive advantage, to deploy apps more quickly, more readily and more efficiently,” said Meads.

Transforming education

Meads discussed applicable ways that the South African government could use cloud computing to advance the current education system.

“I would propose to the South Africa Minister of Education that the simplest and quickest way to transform the education system for the children of South Africa using technology and using cloud technology is by building the right architecture – you can deliver the same level of education, the same content, the same access to experts and teachers through the cloud. That’s pretty transformational,” said Meads.

Cisco’s 5 key priorities

According to Meads, Cisco has re-aligned it resources and partners around 5 core priorities:

1. Leadership

2. Collaboration

3. Video

4. Data Centre, Virtualisation and Cloud

5. Architecture

“Some of the key areas of opportunities that we’re looking at are the emerging markets. Emerging markets have been a fantastic growth engine for Cisco for the last 6 years,” said Meads.

Meads said Cisco has grown over the past 26 years but it has reached a point in time where it needs to put its foot on the ball and really simplify the way it does business with its customers and partners.

“To do that we need to adopt new business models and that is very relevant to the cloud conversation. The network is driving the future of the core Internet and the cloud.”

“We’re extremely well positioned to lead this change. We’re the leading networking company in the world, we need to refocus on that strength and lead the change for the next generation of the Internet,” concludes Meads.

Bontle Moeng

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