Battlefield 3 beta statistics revealed

With the conclusion of the Battlefield 3 open beta testing, some interesting results emerged. The beta as open to anybody who owned a PlayStation 3, Xbox or PC, and for a limited time gamers could see what the latest FPS from Electronic Arts will look like.

A screenshot of Battlefield 3 (image: Electronic Arts)

A total of 8.1-million people participated in the beta – that’s enough people to fill New York City at any given time.  While 8.1-million is an impressive number, a total of 47-billion shots were fired.

If a person could travel one light year for every bullet fired, the bullets would reach the edge of of the universe.

Everyone who played Assault contributed 2.2-billion regenerated health – just more than the amount of people who use the internet.

When a player is stabbed with a knife, they lose their dog – which totalled 19-million dog tags lost.

Since Battlefield 3 is an FPS, a lot of people were going to die at the hands of fellow players, and the number is staggering.

Over a billion kills were registered, with the longest headshot measuring 635m, while 21-milion M-Com stations were destroyed.

Battlefield 3 launches in South Africa on 28 October 2011.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor