Ship Simulator Extremes gets free DLC

Paradox Interactive has revealed that the hugely-successful maritime simulator Ship Simulator Extremes will be adding brand new downloadable content, and it will be absolutely free-of-charge.

A screenshot of Ship Simulator Extremes (image: Paradox)

With the Harbor Pilot DLC, players will experience the pressures and responsibilities of a Maritime Pilot, reflecting the real-life importance of the profession in maritime safety, and how the economic and environmental risks from today’s large sea vessels makes the role of the pilot truly essential.

Players will be able to join up with ships that need a pilot, board them and take the controls as their steer and guide them safely to port.

The DLC will also make use of advanced, state-of-the-art Pilot Tender vessel and Pilot Characters, while including four realistic pilot missions.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor