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SanDisk Vault will keep photos for 100 years

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When a tragedy like a house fire strikes, many people would try to gather as many valuable possessions as possible, but family photos are often left behind to be reduced to ashes. Well, SanDisk has come up with a smart way to preserve those precious moments.

The SanDisk Memory Vault (image: Engadget)

The SanDisk Memory Vault is a solid-state memory device with an easy drag-and-drop system, and is guaranteed to keep photos of first steps and wedding pictures in top quality for at least 100 years. The devices design is sleek, ruggedized and metallic, looks great on any desktop and fits into any drawer.

“SanDisk already offers great image-capture products, and we’ve built upon that expertise to create a new category of image-preservation products,” said Tim Sutton, senior product marketing manager, SanDisk. “The Memory Vault allows parents to preserve photos of their daughter’s first steps alongside videos from her wedding and then pass those images down for generations to come.”

The SanDisk Memory Vault is available in 8 GB and 16GB capacities and can store thousands of images and hours of HD video, and carries a lifetime limited warranty.

“The device utilizes SanDisk’s Chronolock technology, which incorporates the key elements of advanced solid-state storage to create a proprietary memory management solution. SanDisk conducted accelerated temperature cycling tests that simulated the effects of data retention over long periods of time,” SanDisk said in a statement.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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