Ruckus Wireless secures African distributor


Wi-Fi Technology company, Ruckus Wireless have announced that the company has partnered with First Distribution, a technology solutions distributor, as the business’s main distributor for the African region. Through this agreement, First Distribution will be the official distributor of the full range of Ruckus Wireless’ Wi-Fi technology products in South Africa and across neighboring African countries.

Michael Fletcher, Ruckus Wireless Sales Manager for Sub Saharan Africa (image source: file photo)

“With the future being tagged as a Wi-Fi one, and considering the uptake of mobility and the use of technology in Africa, this region is an important one for Ruckus Wireless. As such, choosing a reliable and expert distributor of our Smart Wi-Fi product range has been a key priority for our business.

With a national distribution infrastructure, and a motto of ‘helping our customers to help their customers’, First Distribution was certainly a front runner for this partnership,” said Michael Fletcher, Ruckus Wireless Sales Director for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Connectivity in today’s market is essential for enterprises of all sizes to effectively conduct everyday work tasks and is no longer viewed as a nice to have, but rather is now a business necessity.

Through investment in fibre optic cables, Africa is seeing a much needed increase in its broadband connectivity and capacity, and with this comes ample opportunity, one being the implementation of Wi-Fi technologies which offer a connectivity option that is convenient and reliable.

“We hang our company hat on our Smart Wi-Fi technology – one that extends the range of Wi-Fi signals and automatically adapts to environmental changes. This results in Wi-Fi connectivity that, for the first time, reaches farther and is inherently more reliable – which is exactly what businesses today require,” Fletcher added.

“First Distribution is extremely selective regarding our trading partners, and as a result, we have established a first-class track record for stable and consistent product and service supply. We are pleased to add Ruckus Wireless to our list of partners and look forward to working with this brand across Africa, delivering Smart Wi-Fi solutions that will truly change connectivity on this growing continent,” said Charlie Murray, General Manager at First Distribution.

“Together, we believe that this partnership will serve the African business landscape in meeting their connectivity needs of today and the future, and are pleased to have First Distribution on board to assist us in meeting our goals for the African market.

With our expertise in Wi-Fi and First Distribution’s knowledge of the African landscape, we look forward to the outcomes that this partnership will bring,” concludes Fletcher.

Staff Writer