iBurst shakes up SA’s data prices

South Africa based wireless data provider, iBurst today presented the South African public with new competitive data packages, available on a month-to-month or contract package.

Thami Mtshali, iBurst CEO

iBurst’s new data packages range from R49 (about US $6.2) per month to R879 (about US $111.4) per month. The deals include the playa 5+ package, which offers a total data bundle of 10GB at R149 (about US $18.9), the Pro 10+ package, offering a total data bundle of 20 GB at R198 (about US $25), and the max 25+ package offering 50GB of data at R445 (about US $56.4). At the bottom end of the spectrum there’s the starta+ package, offering 1GB at R49 (about US $6.2), while at the top end  iBurst offers two uncapped packages priced at R599 (about US $75.9) (uncapped) and R879 (about US $111.4) (uncapped+) respectively.

According to iBurst Executive Head for Commercial,  Malcolm Turnbull, this offering is a standard offering, unlike many of the promotional ones that are currently on the market.

“This demonstrates that iBurst is not afraid to take the risk to offer the best to our current and future subscribers. These new products also offer the consumer other benefits including the ability for one to control their usage over a month, more data to use, and a free modem on selected 24 month contracts,” says Turnbull.

Turnbull says the local broadband market had become much more competitive in recent months and iBurst wanted to maintain its reputation as a value-for-money service provider within this much more aggressive telecoms landscape. The new offering therefore provides the company with the opportunity to do this and simultaneously offers great benefits to its subscribers.

iBurst CEO Thami Mtshali said the company was hoping to further shake up  the market with its new data offering.

“We’ve radically decreased prices in the hopes not only of getting South Africans to use the internet more, but also of ensuring that we accommodate those potential consumers previously unable to use the internet because of affordability,” says Mtshali.

Mtshali says the market was constantly evolving making it necessary for companies like iBurst to pioneer consumer-focused products suited both to the consumers’ needs and their pockets.

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  1. The idiots! I was on a 3gb package priced at app. R500 a month (last year), that went onto a throttled cap once the data was used; they then unilaterally, without informing me removed the throttled cap leaving me without internet 10 days into the month. I was forced to change my package and a few months later cancelled the service when mweb came out with the R219 uncapped service. They must have hemorrhaged customers for them to do this about turn. Serves them right for their high handed approach to customer service.

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