France Telecom plans African expansion


France Telecom is looking to increase it’s presence in the Middle East and Africa.

Stéphane Richard, France Telecom CEO

The operator hopes to make a number of acquisitions and partnerships in the near future to boost their footprint on the Africa continent.

The company is hopeful that partnerships with local companies will help to share expenses and increase their market shares across the region.

The company is already in exclusive talks over the acquisition of an operator in the Congo.

It is also looking to offload European assets as it turns it’s focus to the Middle East and Africa, where it sees growth prospects.

“We are working on several targets. We are working on a few situations exclusively in Africa and the Middle East, because this is the area that we have chosen to lead this international expansion in emerging markets. There are big players in Africa, and we can have interesting dialogues and even partnerships with other players in Africa,” said France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard.

Jonathan Terry