Acer reveals Ferrari phone

Created from a perfect mix of design, power and passion, the Acer Liquidmini Ferrari Edition smartphone will delight any person who’s willing to show the passion and dedication to the Ferrari world, while making no compromises and improvisation on the level of functionalities.

The Acer Liquidmini Ferrari Edition smartphone (image: Acer)

Liquidmini Ferrari edition top and bottom dark chrome trims’ convey a sophisticated yet dynamic look, while the faultless red cover with the historical and fascinating Ferrari shield will blow everybody’s mind.

Stylish, compact and all in subtle curves, it has been crafted to perfectly nestle in your hand so that anything you do on your smartphone is perfectly performed.

Created on the unmistakable and powerful sound of the Ferrari engine, ringtone alarms and messages alerts of the Liquidmini Ferrari edition are part of a dedicated set for fans who want to live with their Red passion.

And still to recall the spirit of Ferrari, you will be also delighted to watch and play with absolutely exclusive preloaded wallpapers, pictures and videos.

The Liquidmini Ferrari edition comes along with the exclusive Bluetooth headset to expect the best: it has been designed in all compactness, and with no compromises on the experience. The headset, included in the box, is a concentrate of technology: no background noise and echo cancellation, automatic adjustment of incoming call volume, ensuring a crystal clear communication.

Stay tuned to the latest Ferrari news anytime, anywhere: through the exclusive Acer SocialJogger application you will always be ahead of the latest news by easily accessing the official Ferrari Facebook, and Twitter pages. You will instantly be notified of a new update, and you can comment or like any of them.

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