Top BlackBerry Torch 9800 apps

Since the release of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in late 2010, the smartphone has managed to rank as one of the best BlackBerry devices ever. Although it looks similar to other phones, the combination of a sliding keyboard and bigger 3.2 inch 480×360 touch screen has made it hugely popular.

Research in Motion's Blackberry Torch 9800

The device hosts 512MB RAM and 4GB storage with the capacity for another SD card, which makes it perfect for downloading and installing apps from the BlackBerry App World. So with that in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the top apps built for, or compatible with, the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

Capture It

Capture It allows the user to quickly and effortlessly capture any image, including browser screen shots, from the smartphone.  It comes in handy when users want to email or message photo from a website, but don’t want to download the photo itself.

Google Maps

Any smartphone isn’t complete without a version of Google Maps. The application allows users to navigate their way around virtually any city, and with the latest addition of Google Street View, the app will become an invaluable tool.

Plug It In

Running many applications at the same time can take its strain on any battery, but that is luckily where Plug It In comes in. The application lets users customise the battery use, and can also set up alerts for when the battery gets to a specific level.

Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry

When going on a long road trip or flight, there is nothing worse than having nothing to do. But the Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry app allows smartphone users to access their Kindle library, and also allows them to purchase more.

Pandora for BlackBerry

While undertaking that long flight and tired of reading a book, Pandora for BlackBerry will give users access to Internet radio stations. The app also features a Quick Mix mode where users simply select their favourite radio stations, and the app will create a custom mix from them.

WorldMate for BlackBerry

Sticking to travel, WorldMate for BlackBerry is probably one of the most essential apps for world travellers. The app is a travel assistant and allows users to store their entire travel itinerary, book hotels or car hire and monitor airline schedules in real-time.

BeBuzz Free – LED Light Colors

BeBuzz is a colourful app that displays who is calling the user with bright, flashing colours. The app can be customised to display certain colours for specific callers, so users will know at a glance who is trying to reach them.

WhatsApp Messenger

No smartphone is complete without WhatsApp Messenger. The app is a cross-platform smartphone messenger, and uses data to contact anybody in the users contact list who also uses the app. The data cost to send a message is much less than a traditional text message.

Photo Editor Ultimate FREE

With almost all smartphones having cameras, it has become very popular to edit photos and add effects to them before sharing the photographic master pieces with the world. Photo Editor Ultimate is one of the top free photo editing apps, and allows users to resize, rotate,  add colour filters and various effects.

iSpeech Translator

Another favourite on the free app market, iSpeech Translator allows users to speak into the microphone and then translate it into multiple languages, including email or text. Currently it translates by speaking text in 7 languages and reads out translations in 18 languages.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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  1. Hi, I am trying to find out if anyones come across this Blackberry Torch camera app called CAMultimate? apparently it is a camera app that has camera effects and also some other functionality like camera bursts and a camera timer? I think it is a paid only app, so was wondering if anyone has used this before I purchase in case it is a waste of money? I believe there is also a function which mutes the camera shutter?

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