Telecom Egypt upgrades network cable system

Telecom Egypt upgrades TE-North cable system (image source: file photo)

Telecom Egypt has begun the TE-North cable system, a submarine telecommunications cable that links Egypt and France, upgrade across the Mediterranean sea.

The cable network upgrade will link the area of Abu-Talat in Egypt to Marseilles in France. In addition, the cable will extend a link to Cyprus. It will be the first network in the Mediterranean to operate at 40GB/s.

“Western peering points meet newer eastern peering points in Egypt. The TE-North upgrade presents an enhanced cost point, sheer capacity levels and more resilience which presents the IP cloud with another reason for Egypt being a natural centre for global IP peering and transit,” said Mohamed Elnawawy, Telecom Egypt Senior VP.

Telecom Egypt network cable, which uses Alcatel-Lucent technology, will stretch out to over 3 600 kilometers.

The new technology will strengthen Telecom Egypt’s system design capacity from 10TB/s to more 20TB/s.

The network cable upgrade will assist Egypt to keep up with its growing customers broadband demands.

Manar Ammar