Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Supply chains get software overhaul

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Business solutions provider Ovations launched the first online depot management software system in South Africa, designed to improve visibility and dynamic interaction, manage the supply chain process between supplier and receiving point, and most importantly alleviate bay congestion, delivering efficient management of receiving depots.

Ovations launch first online depot management software system in SA (image source: file photo)

PlanForge Bay Management, which is currently in its pilot phase is geared towards enabling retail and wholesale suppliers to book and monitor bay availability as well as manage the flow of delivery traffic.

According to Andrew Stephens, principal consultant at Ovations, the system has been designed to allow retailers and wholesalers to logon and check when suppliers are scheduled to deliver, monitor service levels, gain control of offloading bays and operational efficiency.

“Suppliers will also to be able to check available dates and times for new deliveries,” he says.

“This will help reduce congestions at receiving bays through improved interactive planning and bookings.”

Technology remains an important enabler in the supply chain environment and has to be agile enough to continually meet the changing requirements of a fast-moving business arena.

“The industry has been waiting for this kind of innovation for quite some time. The system will save the supplier’s on-site waiting costs and solves retailers spacing issues,” Stephens adds.

“Companies need to view their supply chain processes as real assets rather than just a means to an end, a mindset change that will enable them to improve the consistency of the products they deliver.”

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