Huawei hits record mobile sales in Egypt

Huawei Technologies has sold nearly 100 000 mobile phones in Egypt, over the past four months.

Huawei Technologies has sold about 100 000 mobile phones in Egypt (image source: file photo)

According to the company, 30 000 of those handsets were sold directly to clients using mobile agents, whilst an additional 70,000 handsets were from mobile operators currently in contract with Huawei.

Alaa Ahmed, Director of Marketing in the Middle East and North Africa, said that the market in Egypt is currently recovering from difficult times, following the unrest that toppled the government in February 2011.

Ahmed said that mobile phones are still an accessory to many Egyptians, yet smartphones are finding a broader market. This, he says is driven by the desire to connect to various social networking sites.

Huawei has been operating in Egypt since 2000. The company’s Middle East and North African operations are based in Cairo.

Ahmed added that the company is the top provider of USB modems in Egypt and announced that the company would be presenting its clients with more tablets devices.

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