Helios Towers to invest US$100m in Tanzania

Helios Towers Africa – one of the continent’s leading telecommunications tower operators –  is set to invest US$100 million in Tanzania’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector for five years.

Helios Towers is planning to invest US$100m in Tanzania's telecoms (image: file)

Helios Towers Africa, which was issued its first licence by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority to independently operate a network of telecoms towers, is fast expanding its operations in the East African nation as well as increasing dominance in its country of origin – Mauritius.

Helios Towers Africa Chief Executive Officer, Charles Green, said his company had acquired 1 180 towers and the new investment drive of US$100 million would increase investment in Tanzania.

The US$100 million project is a five-year investment aimed at delivering significant benefits to the Tanzanian market, notably providing higher quality service coverage including in rural communities.

The telecommunications tower sharing plan would allow increased competition between telecoms operators thus lowering costs for customers, and improve  environmental conditions by reducing the number of towers built.

The investment will complement the injected US$130 million Helios directed last year in the acquisition of 1 180 towers.

“We are very pleased to be at the forefront of such an exciting and important new phase in Tanzania’s telecoms industry,” said Green.  “Helios Towers pioneered independent tower sharing in Africa – this model is the best way to ensure accessibility, affordability and the highest quality of communications service through increased efficiency and competition.

Speaking at the issuing of the operating licence, Helios Towers Tanzania Chief Executive Officer Simon Horner said the deal marked a significant moment in the development and growth of Tanzania’s telecoms industry.

“We are deeply committed to delivering the greatest value to all telecoms operators and their customers across Tanzania,” Horner said in a statement.

Hassan Kimbunga