Dual SIM mobile phones ideal for Africa


Samsung predicts that the number of mobile subscribers with dual SIM mobile phones is projected to increase from 9-10% in 2010 to over 15% in 2011.

George Ferreira, Samsung Electronics Africa Chief Operating Officer (image source: file photo)

Dual SIM mobile phones allow users to access two different SIM cards with just one handset. Dual SIM handsets provide the convenience of two cell phones with a one-mobile solution.

“This feature is especially convenient for those who wish to separate business and personal calls using two separate phone numbers, as well as those who travel frequently and want a local number for each location.

What’s more, users can switch between SIM cards easily and without needing to reboot the mobile device. Switching SIM card commands are obeyed with a tap of the finger, the use of dual SIM cards has never been easier or more intuitive,” says George Ferreira, Samsung Electronics Africa Chief Operating Officer

Dual SIM mobile phone benefits

·         Users do not need to keep an extra mobile

·         Users do not need to use a permanent number for making costly outgoing calls and can use any temporary number in the extra SIM slot when roaming

·         Users can receive calls on both SIMs

·         When one network is out of coverage, users can select a network within their range

“Mobile technology has made it possible for consumers to take advantage of the convenience of a dual SIM phone. At Samsung we are not only committed to providing the innovations and designs for an enhanced and superior experience, but also for smart technologies for every lifestyle,” concludes Ferreira.

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  1. This is very popular however the top name brands have these devices overpriced or not available in places like South Africa, leaving a vacuum to minor brands thus customers/users do not have confidence on such brands.

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