Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Square Enix to release Final Fantasy rhythm game

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Final Fantasy for the 3DS will be rhythm-based

Game developer Square Enix will be releasing the latest instalment of the successful Final Fantasy franchise as rhythm-based title for the 3DS. According to reports in Japan, the game will be titled Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and Japanese magazine Shonen Jump called it a “theater rhythm action” game.

The magazine also claimed that in-game music and characters from previous Final Fantasy games will feature, and gamers will have to tap the screen in time with the on-screen prompts.

It has also been rumoured that Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura may be involved with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, as he recently hinted that a new game will be released soon.

“Square Enix has a number of games in development for the Nintendo 3DS, including a sequel to its portable Rocket Slime series, a new Kingdom Hearts game, and an original StreetPass-focused title called Heroes of Ruin,” Eurogamer wrote.

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