SA’s FNB drives down printing costs

July 8, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Itec's C220 multifunctional printer

The First National Bank (FNB) human resources shared services centre is starting to see significant cost-savings in its print environment following its decision to appoint Itec as its document output vendor and service provider three months ago.

The FNB business unit, which spends several hundred thousand rand per annum on its document output bill, began several months ago to explore opportunities to reduce its printing costs.

The department believed that it could achieve considerable cost-savings if it standardised and consolidated its printing environment.

In addition, FNB HR Shared Services wanted to align itself with FNB’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and realised that a more streamlined printing environment would help it to achieve its goal of becoming a green-friendly organisation.

The services centre chose Itec as its new printing partner because of the excellent relationship that Itec already enjoys with a number of other FNB campuses and business units.

Says Zaid Parak, team lead for infrastructure at FNB HR Shared Services: “Printing is a significant cost for an organisation such as ours, with print volumes in the thousands each month. We believed that there had to be opportunities to reduce maintenance, consumables, support and other operating costs in the print environment.”

Itec stepped in to provide a solution and managed to replace a number of standalone document devices in the environment with nine multifunctional products (MFPs), significantly less than the number of devices FNB HR Shared Services managed before. Itec put four medium to high volume monochrome MFPs with faxing, copying and scanning capabilities in place as well as five low to medium volume colour devices.

The devices have been deployed around in a manner that fits the organisation’s workflow and office output, allowing FNB HR Shared Services to work more efficiently with fewer printing devices in place.

The MFPs are managed using Itec’s Print Director solution, which makes it simple for FNB HR shared services to administer its print fleet and control printing costs. Print Director gives visibility into device usage, making printing costs more transparent and empowering companies to control printing spend better.

“We have been running the MFPs for three months and we are already saving tons of money,” Parak says. “Costs such as toner are included in the contract, which makes it easier to control spending. The days of companies running masses of standalone devices are over – the savings from consolidating onto MFPs are massive.”

Damian Engelbrecht, corporate accounts manager at Itec Converge Holdings, says that corporate customers such as FNB Shared Services are increasingly looking for print and copy vendors who can partner with them to uncover opportunities for cost-savings and who can meet strict service level agreements. Box-dropping is not good enough in a market where customers need value-added tools such as Print Director and want transparent per-page costs for their printing services, he concludes.

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