Rural Mozambique gets Internet, mobile services

July 28, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Mozambique’s Science and Technology ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mozambique’s Mobile Cellular (MCEL), to roll out community multimedia centers in rural areas.

Rural Mozambique gets Internet and mobile services (image source: file photo)

MCEL will provide Internet access, worth MZN 7.2 billion meticals (about US$255 million) to Mozambique’s six districts.

Teodato Hunguana, Mcel Mobile Board President, says the partnership between MCEL and the Mozambique government will provide Internet services, video courses, manuals, technical and professional skills development, and equipment for the training of local trainers.

Hunguana says the project will span for the next 3 years adding that some technology centres have been re-launched in remote districts of Nacaroa, Guru and Zambezia.

“All these actions will contribute to the country’s development through the empowerment of citizens, so that they can participate in local decision making and promotion of entrepreneurship through technology transfer,” says Hunguana.

Science and Technology Minister, Massingue says the community multimedia centres were installed to boost the country’s low Internet penetration.

The minister said information and communication technology was critical in effectively supporting the process of information dissemination of scientific knowledge in different rural areas.

“This will help improve the quality of life in our rural communities and bring about the development that we need in this country”, says Massingue.

Dammiao Dimingos



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