Nigerian engineers appeal for IT investment

Nigerian engineers are pleading with President Jonathan to invest in broadband

Nigerian engineers are pleading with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria to invest in broadband Internet connectivity and other information technology infrastructures in his strategy to improve the nation’s economy and achieve Nigeria’s vision.

Edet Amana, President of Nigeria Academy of Engineering says the set of concepts, services and practices applicable to the Nigerian Information and Computer Technology (ICT) are inevitable towards effective implementation of President Jonathan’s power sector roadmap, which the academy was ready to give its support both to the government and private sector to produce.

Amana stressed that science, engineering and technology (SET) are crucial towards national transformation, which includes the creation of jobs.

“The sets of concepts, services and practices that are the makings of engineering and are required to ensure effective utilisation of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) rules the world presently and it is apparent that nations and economies which recognise and put in place strategies to enthrone Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) as the driving force behind their economic development are those who will not be left behind in the economic and social development race,” said Amana.

“It then becomes realistic that a society, which does not have a strategic plan for research and innovation in areas which impact its economic wellbeing will have stunted growth or no growth at all and that accounts for the reason the Nigeria Academy of Engineering has planned to launch a Research Endowment Fund in the near future to promote fundamental research and application of research findings to industrial productions,” Amana added.

Bimbo Omitooki