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MTN’s Qhubeka empowers rural kids

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A student with a MTN Qhubeka bicycle

MTN Business, a mobile telecommunications company, is addressing the various socio-economic challenges which face the multitude of disadvantaged communities across South Africa through the Qhubeka corporate social investment (CSI) project.

Qhubeka, which means to ‘move forward’, is a ‘one child, one tree and one bicycle at a time’ plan which aims to help rural communities by providing bicycles to children in return for work done to improve their environment and communities.

“Of the 16 million schoolchildren in South Africa, approximately 12 million walk to school. Of these 500 000 walk more than two hours each way, spending four hours getting to school and back each day,” says Serame Taukobong, MTN SA Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Taukobong believes that the partnership will assist with alleviating the plight of school children and make their school life more bearable.

Furthermore, MTN is using its communication packages to provide bicycles to community members that have either grown 100 trees or collected over 1 500 kilograms of recycling.”

MTN Business Qhubeka

By selecting an MTN Business Qhubeka product or service, an organisation will help uplift a community because the corporate spend helps roll out Qhubeka bicycles to children in the Wildlands communities.

The products are customised according to the total spend of the individual or company and a portion of the discounted rate is contributed towards the Qhubeka initiative.

The cycling team and Qhubeka are tightly linked as Qhubeka enables children to earn bicycles and the MTN Qhubeka cycling team’s vision is to develop an African World Cycling Champion.

“This is not possible if the children don’t have bicycles to start with,” says Taukobong.

“From a corporate perspective we are fully behind this project, as not only are we focused on mobilising business potential through our communication solutions, but also on mobilising and uplifting communities. MTN Business Qhubeka is another example of our commitment to making this a reality and who knows, perhaps one day a Tour de France cycling champion will be a result of the MTN Business Qhubeka project,” says Taukobong.

By: Staff Writer

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