iPad 3 rumors make the rounds

Apple's iPad 2 (image: ipadnews.com)

In what seems to be an endless supply of rumours, yet another report has come out claiming that Apple will release the iPhone 5 in September and iPad 3 in November.

But there is speculation as to what it will be called, iPad 3 or iPad 2 HD. According to Eurogamer, “Apple’s new tablet will be an incremental upgrade to the iPad 2. Apart from a shiny new screen, its innards will be the same. Will it be called iPad 3 or iPad 2 HD?”

This is just another wheel in the rumour mill, as it has been previously suggested that the next iPad will also include a retina display. According to The China Times, Apple is having trouble acquiring components for the new version, and might only be released later than expected.

Also making a return to rumourville, is speculation that the iPhone 5 will be released in little over a month, with The China Times being a bit more specific – they reported that it will be released in the second week of September.

“Like the iPad, the new iPhone iteration “closely resembles” its predecessor and will not feature any major upgrades from the iPhone 4,” Eurogamer wrote.

As expected, Steve Jobs and Apple have chosen to remain on the side lines regarding the development and possible release, saying that they “don’t comment of speculation and rumour”.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor