HP boosts BMW’s network infrastructure

HP's E5400

HP has announced a 5-year extension to its global, multimillion-dollar deal with automobile manufacturer, BMW.

As part of the deal, HP technology services will deliver higher value support services for the HP technology that provides a major portion of the BMW Group’s networking infrastructure.

Given the BMW Group’s profile and size, it is essential that the company has a robust and secure open standards-based network infrastructure it can rely on, and one that delivers a solid return on investment.

Based on the performance, interoperability and cost-efficiency of HP Networking solutions, the BMW Group has extended its existing agreement with HP to deliver HP E-series switches and a range of support services.

The BMW Group’s network infrastructure of award-winning intelligent HP E5400, E3500 and E6200 switches is centrally controlled by HP Networking Manager Plus, a Microsoft Windows-based platform for mapping and configuration of the network. The addition of a next-business-day hardware replacement service from HP Technology Services will match the BMW Group’s mandatory service-level agreement and improve access to HP services.

“Global organisations demand high-performance networking solutions and support to ensure interoperability across the enterprise and meet stringent service-level agreements,” says Rudie Raath, HP Technology Consulting Country Manager for South Africa.

“This new deal confirms HP both as a global player offering flexible services to support the BMW Group’s drive for operational excellence, and as the networking platform of choice for large enterprises.”

Issued by HP