Consequences of the CPA for digital marketers

PMailer's perspective is to make sure that all their clients get great legal advice

There’s a lot of legislation that has just come out regarding South Africa’s Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and how it may affect online and marketing businesses.

Speaking with ITNewsAfrica during the Email/SMS Marketing and Law Seminar held in Johannesburg, PMailer CEO Josh Adler  says his company’s perspective is to make sure that all their clients get an opportunity to engage and obtain great legal advice regarding the CPA for digital marketers.

“This will enable our company to make sure they have good context in the issues, are aware of the questions they should be asking themselves and they can engage on further legal advice to make sure that we all do the right thing,” says Adler.

Adler believes there’s an increasing awareness on the CPA for digital marketers and online business owners. “I think there’s been a lot of preparation taking place and that’s good business.

Adler says there’s a general perception that mobile and online business owners are trying to avoid the new CPA. “That’s not true at all. Business is trying to robustly engage them, understand them and ask the hard questions to make sure that they act appropriately,” Adler explained.

“Consumers are the lifeblood of our business. We need to look after them and treat them with respect. It can only happen by fully understanding the law.”

Adler confirms that most companies will comply as they all want to do business with consumers.

Business advice

Adler believes that the CPA will encourage really good behaviour for digital marketers and online business owners.

“I think that’s a good thing, We look forward to enabling those things through the channels we provide as with anyone in this space who is trying to just enable messaging.

“Everyone has to look at the law themselves, engage their own advice, look internally and then make the right decisions.

Adler is confident that Chetty Law, a technology and innovation law firm, is ideal to offer the right technology Law advice.

“In our view they are the best technology law firm in the country. They have done an incredible job interpreting the law for P-Mailer and the also consult at every level of the industry.

Chetty Law not only looks after major and small businesses.

“They also consult for government, huge corporate and start-ups that are engaging the law with global ambitions.

Chetty Law caters for a range of businesses from parastatal companies, SMEs, NGOs, and a range of business spheres.

“All can feel confident that the speakers have been in touch with the organisations types and issues.

Future prospects

Adler firmly believes that the future of  SA’s digital marketing is bright. “We’re really having great time in comparison to other businesses in other sectors.

The effects of the recession have hit us less as the industry allows one to run their business more affordable. “This is where you can do things very effectively and it’s an exciting place to be. More money is going to come to the online business very quickly.”

Josh advices companies that are still reluctant to get into the mobile and online marketing to hire young people.

Bontle Moeng