Business Connexion kicks-off Mandela Day plan

Business Connexion’s Rick Venter

Business Connexion’s Rick Venter, a senior project manager for professional services, is showing his commitment to the company’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives by dedicating time to participate in the bike ride that takes place this week from 11 – 18 July 2011 to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Day initiative.

The CSI programme is part of Business Connexion’s company value to  “Make a Difference – Live with Compassion”.

“For the rest of this week, I will be tweeting the activities that occur during this period as a contribution towards the Nelson Mandela Chidren’s Foundation initiative.

Afterall, our former president, Nelson Mandela spent more than 67 years serving us, the country, as well as the world and it is fitting for individuals to devote a little time to pay tribute while making a difference to communities around us. Although I will not be riding a bike, I will be in a car that will be alongside the riders from the beginning to the end,” says Venter.

Arnold Beyleveld, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) manager at Business Connexion says we are all aware of the Mandela Day initiative that calls for people to dedicate just 67 minutes of their time to make an impact striving to change the world for the better.

“Rick is just one of the examples of people within our organisation who is living the corporate values and we encourage all employees to show their support to this course, thereby giving back to the communities and show the extraordinary route to simple solutions. A lot of underprivileged people need simple things like a day out or just a few friendly faces to make them feel like they belong and are worthy. Spending 67 minutes making someone smile could bring hope to such individuals,” says Beyleveld.

The bike ride is one initiative that is aimed at attracting and encouraging the motorbike community throughout the country to be involved within their own communities to improve the lives of the underpriviledged, as well as raise awareness in the build up to the Mandela Day. Moreover, a group of biking celebrities will be created to tour each of the biking communities to encourage ordinary people to do good in the spirit of Mandela Day.

The bikers will be involved in several projects that include the Harrismith Orphanage, cleaning and creating a garden at the Eshowe monument site, install shelves in the food storeroom at the orphanage in Eshowe, creating a vegetable garden at the orphanage in Graskop and fixing the bathrooms.

“Business Connexion will donate seeds for the vegetable gardens, which will be a sustainable project that will continuously help in the nourishing and growth of the young and upcoming leaders of tomorrow,” concludes Byleveldt.

Staff Writer