BBM 5 makes contact-sharing easier

BlackBerry Messenger 5

The latest version of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) – BBM 5 – makes it easy for BlackBerry smartphone users to share their BBM pin codes with each others using two-dimensional barcodes (QR codes) that can be scanned directly into BlackBerry smartphones using their integrated cameras.

You can add new contacts to BBM simply by using your BlackBerry smartphone’s camera to scan a barcodes off your computer screen or the screen of a BlackBerry device.

You can also share and display your own barcode on your phone, email signature or social networking profiles to make it easy for your friends to add you to their contact lists.

Here’s how to make BBM barcodes work for you. Remember to upgrade to the latest version of BBM before you try.

To display and share your personal barcode:
* Click the BBM icon
* On the contact list screen, press the Menu key
* Click My Profile
* Click Display My Barcode
* Another BlackBerry smartphone user can then scan the barcode from your phone using his or her device’s camera

Sharing your BBM barcode via social media and email:
* Follow steps above, then press Menu and select Save Barcode Image.
* From your pictures folder, select Send or Share for the social networking app of your choice (including Twitter and Facebook) to share the barcode and a caption or Tweet with your friends
* You can also email the barcode to yourself and then save it on your computer to use as your email signature
* Using the Facebook BBM PIN barcode app, you can generate your BBM barcode for your Facebook friends to scan

To scan a personal barcode from a BlackBerry screen or the screen of your computer:
* Click the BBM icon
* On the contact list screen, click Invite contact
* Click Scan a person’s barcode
* Hold your device so that all four corners of the barcode appear on your device screen and wait for confirmation that it has been scanned