Actnet launches next generation software

A legally exact copy of every document is securely stored in a central database

Actnet Print Concepts, a provider of Enterprise Content Management solutions to South African enterprises, has launched a next generation Edd (Enterprise Document Delivery) software that enables businesses to control both electronic and printed documents from a central repository.

“Our customers already know that delivering their invoices, statements and payslips electronically offers significant cost savings over paper delivery,” says Nolan Sandham, ACTNET Managing Director.

“It also has compliance benefits: A legally exact copy of every document is securely stored in a central database that preserves a full audit trail of who viewed, accessed or redistributed the document and when this happened.”

“We store all documents as searchable PDF files,” says Sandham.

“That means call centre agents can easily retrieve stored copies and view them in exactly the same format as the document the customer received. This helps resolve queries more efficiently.”

Until now, however, not everything could be stored electronically in the same place: Proof of Delivery and similar important documents that needed signatures were still chained to paper.

“Our customers started to ask us about storage for their paper documents,” says Sandham.

“Our response is HAMMEREDD, which accepts scanned paper documents into the same electronic vault as digital documents. The archives are fully searchable and documents can now take seconds to retrieve, rather than hours or days.”

Sandham says HAMMEREDD has the same advantage as its predecessor Edd – It can deliver and archive documents from any source.

“It doesn’t matter what format the customer’s data is in which makes HAMMEREDD extremely easy to implement. There’s no need to prepare data or integrate systems.”

In keeping with the move towards Software as a Service (SaaS), HAMMEREDD is available on a pay-per-use basis, so there is no initial capital investment and the solution is easily scalable to any size of business.

“With HAMMEREDD, we’re taking the next step by including paper documents as well. New technology has made it possible to integrate delivery and archival storage into the same application, which makes for more efficient workflow and even greater cost savings,” says Sandham.

Issued by Actnet Print Concepts