Zynga releases another mobile game

Zynga's CityVille Hometown

Social games developer Zynga, famous for their Farmville Facebook game, is due to release a title for Apple’s iOS, in the form of CityVille Hometown – a spinoff from their first CityVille game that was available on Facebook.

According to the developer, CityVille Hometown players will be able to “create a bustling town, invite friends and in-game characters to be neighbours, and build out their communities.”

Players of CityVille will be able to “swap resources and energy and spend and receive special limited edition items if they prove to be exemplary citizens” with CityVille Hometown.

But this won’t be the first mobile game that Zynga launches. Earlier this month the company released Hanging With Friends, which has managed to climb to the top spot in the charts and is also the top grossing app at the moment.