Vodacom to extend roaming services to prepaid


Vodacom Prepaid customers to benefit from new roaming packages (image source: Vodacom)
SOUTH Africa’s leading mobile cellular operator, Vodacom is set to extend its roaming services to prepaid and top up customers, an official has said.

Responding to questions from our reporters on Thursday, a senior official in Vodacom’s Corporate Communications department, Bongolethu Futuse, said plans were in the pipeline to ensure that all Vodacom users benefited from its roaming services in conjunction with its parent company Vodafone.

“But we cannot provide further details on the launch at this stage.

“Unlike other networks around the country, Vodacom does not just offer a single, standard roaming product, but gives customers the ability to choose from three products which include the Vodafone World and the SuperSaver rates,” said Futuse.

Future said the roaming services readily available on Vodafone include the Vodafone World option, which customers could use to make and receive calls, send and receive SMSs and use data to access the internet and email.

“Voice calls are charged on a per-minute basis while at rates are charged in 10 kilobyte minimum increments.

“Data roaming is currently only available to Vodacom Contract customers and Super-Saver data rates are only applicable when roaming on selected networks,” Futuse said.

Vodacom also touted its data roaming service.

“What makes this proposition unique is that you can talk longer for less. It is suited to travellers wanting to make or receive longer calls.

“This roaming service also allows customers to easily predict the cost of each call by taking your home call rate with you,” Futuse said.

“We have roaming agreements with 512 major networks across 195 countries across the world, and we also belong to the Vodafone family,” concluded Futuse.

Savious Kwinika


  1. There are applications which allow you to prevent possible bill shock of data charges. For example Roaming Guard for Symbian smartphones, No Data for Windows Mobile… A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…

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