Telkom Kenya confirms layoffs

June 22, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Telkom Kenya Chief Executive officer Mickhael Ghossein

At least 400 Telkom Kenya employees are getting the boot as the company attempts to restructure in order to ensure profit margins, the company confirmed to IT News Africa on Tuesday.

“We are looking at ways to ensure our rates remain the same and we are able to create business and remain profitable,” said one official, who was not authorised to speak to the media.

“The job cuts are part of that restructuring process and we regret that it has cost such a large number of good employees,” the official from the France Telecom unit said.

The 400 employees are in departments whose services will soon be declared redundant as the telecom operator adopts new operational systems which will enable it to compete effectively.

According to CEO Mickael Ghossein, who recently announced the company would offer 3G services in the third quarter of this year, said the moves will give Telkom Kenya a new “face and lifeline to fight in an industry with cutthroat competition and help focus on data.”

Still, for those losing their jobs, it comes as the cost of living in Kenya continues to rise and for many it will mean a struggle to survive and provide for their families.

Maria, one of those employees who said she has been told her position is likely to be removed, said that she doesn’t know how she will provide for her family of five.

“It is not a good situation and what they are doing is wrong because we have families and with the job market so poor in the country right now it is going to be extremely hard,” she commented.

By Janan Yussif



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