Tekken available on PSN

The first Tekken was hugely popular

Namco Bandai Games Europe has brought two of its most well-known titles to PlayStation Network, with the original king of fighters Tekken and drift racing classic Ridge Racer Type 4 available now for PlayStation 3 download.

Critics and race fans the world over fell in love with Ridge Racer Type 4, a legend of arcade-style drift racing originally released for PS one in 1999.

Featuring over 300 possible car variations, eight tracks, two-player split-screen, two driving models and impressive visuals, Ridge Racer Type 4 set a new standard for PS one racing games.

A game that needs little introduction, Tekken is the original 1995 PS one game that started it all, and the first title to achieve sales in excess of one million on the console.

Now fight fans can go back to the original King of Iron Fist tournament with all the colourful characters, lightning moves and blistering 2D fight action that launched one of the most successful fighting game series of all time.