Monday, July 15, 2024
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Reliance launches Mediterranean cables

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The cable will provide a much-needed boost

North African telecom experts are optimistic that a new broadband cable launched by Reliance Globalcom will help reinforce and provide better services to the region. Experts in Tunisia said that the new submarine system should help increase television and fixed line services for the region.

According to a press statement from Reliance, the Hawk cable system has a capacity of some 2.7 Tbps and runs nearly 3,200 kilometers. The line runs along the Mediterranean with stopping points in Marseille, France, to Alexandria, Egypt, and Yeroskipos, Cyprus.

But Tunisia will feel a lot of the new system, said Ibrahim al-Tunisi, a ministry of communications official.
“We expect that it will give our current system some much needed boosts because the Hawk cable will deliver a lot of bandwidth and will ease the existing infrastructure,” he said.

“We are optimistic that future cable systems will also be developed and put into action as North Africa is moves forward on telecom infrastructure. This new cable system will offer significantly lower latency between Cyprus and London compared to the existing cable systems,” said Reliance in a press statement.

The Hawk cable also has the potential to provide connectivity to the neighbouring countries Tunisia, Libya, Italy, Turkey and Syria, the company added.

By Jonathan Terry

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