Mobitel Nigeria offers 4G

Mobitel launches 4G in Nigeria
Broadband provider Mobitel Limited, which recently launched in Nigeria, is set to release its new 4G broadband wireless service in the region.

Johnson Salako, Mobitel CEO says Nigerians should be excited and prepared to enjoy an unsurpassed Internet broadband experience in Nigeria, similar to what is standard in most developed countries courtesy of its 4G WIMAX product.

During the launch campaign themed, “Upgrade to Mobitel 4G – Go with the Cloud”, Salako says he was delighted at how far the company had progressed since winning a 2.3Ghz licence.

Salako is excited about the different service plans being offered that provide Nigerians with the opportunity to improve their productivity at work and at home.

Mobitel’s customers will be empowered to do more online including- streaming music videos, playing online games, watching online TV and downloading movies.

Broadband customer service

Salako emphasized that meeting customer needs was at the heart of the company’s offering, explaining that there was a product to fit each user’s peculiar needs, starting with the Mobitel Access Lite Dongle and the Mobitel Aura, which is a portable mobile device that connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices for individuals who want high speed broadband internet on the go.

“Customers have a choice between Mobitel’s single or dual voice port wireless modems, which are both able to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously.

Each of them is also capable of supporting fixed phones, fax and desktop computer connections,” says Salako.

All Mobitel customers regardless of which service plan they choose will enjoy unlimited data cap during the campaign period, says Salako.

By: Abi Omitooki