Japanese electronics manufacturers to fully recover by September

Assembly of cameras at Sony's Kohda TEC factory

The recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan have caused some problems in the manufacture and distribution of many electronics, but it seems as though things should start to return to normal pretty soon.

A report released by IHS iSuppli said that “electronics makers located nearest to the epicenter of the earthquake will be the last to get back online, but they are expected to make a full recovery by early September.”

According to CCN, 35% of the world’s NAND Flash production comes from Japan and the country is also the world’s leading source of semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment. The impact of the disasters was felt by 14 semiconductor suppliers and four silicon wafer makers.

“Global supply constraints have been exacerbated by rolling blackouts, which remain a problem in some areas. Many production facilities were unable to go back online until the aftershocks stopped, many weeks after the initial quake,” CNN wrote.

By Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor