ITNewsAfrica to partner with MSN

ITNewsAfrica will partner with MSN Arabia

Johannesburg-based ITNewsAfrica ( has entered into an agreement with MSN Arabia to provide specific content that is relevant to their audience.

MSN Arabia covers 14 countries from Morocco to Pakistan including all the Arabian Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and North Africa.

Launched in 2001, the portal has grown to be a trusted destination, and since it serves its audience in English, Arabic and French, it appeals to the vast majority of languages spoken across their geographical area.

MSN Arabia is in the process of re-launching a new set of portals in all three languages, and has entered into a strategic partnership with ITNewsAfrica (, as Africa’s premier independent ICT publication, to deliver in-depth news and information.

“We are re-launching our whole set of portals. In parallel we are launching a series of local and regional launch events and a massive PR campaign that would span from Morocco to Pakistan including all Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Levant, Egypt and North Africa. This will give mega exposure to our content providers,” said Youssef Eskander, MSN Arabia Business Development Manager.

Eskander also added that he is very excited about the partnership with ITNewsAfrica. “We are very keen to have ITNewsAfrica on board with us for the regional launch event”.

Abby Wakama, Publisher of ITNewsAfrica, concurred with Eskander. “The partnership is confirmation the ITNewsAfrica is a respected source for ICT news and information.”

Wakama also added that ITNewsAfrica is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting partnerships. “Being the dominant player in ICT, we will continue to seek strategic partnerships with international and local organisations. We select our partners carefully, and in the past we have collaborated with global players such as the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) and USAID’s GBI portal, and we believe the MSN Arabia partnership is in line with our long-term international strategy”.

By Charlie Fripp – Consumer tech editor