Enhanced app framework on the way

SilverBridge Software Solutions has announced that a new web-enabled version of its Exergy insurance administration software will launch in mid 2012.

The new product was presented to the public for the first time at a recent Microsoft DevDays conference in Johannesburg.

SilverBridge Software Solutions, developed the product using Microsoft’s Silverlight application framework for writing and running browser plug-ins.

Edwin Raubenheimer, solutions architect at SilverBridge Software, says that SilverBridge decided to revamp the front-end of the Exergy application in response to demand from its customers for a Web-based application. The application will reduce deployment and support costs for customers since they will not need to deploy and manage the application on every user’s desktop.

SilverBridge believes Silverlight is the ideal technology to develop the product because it will support Exergy’s rich and complex user interface requirements.

Because the system is easier to use, it will reduce end-user training and support costs while allowing end-users to boost their productivity, says Raubenheimer.

SilverBridge is working with user experience and design company, Origin Interactive, to deliver the final product. The new software will offer a simplified user experience that will help users such as data capturers to work more efficiently.

Exergy users will be able to introduce the Web front-end with minimal disruption to their businesses and systems.  Raubenheimer says that SilverBridge companies running more recent versions of the Exergy system will be able to introduce the new Web front-end without needing to revamp the back-end.

By: Staff Writer