Electronic Arts to buy PopCap

PopCap's Zuma

An unconfirmed report has suggested that games publisher Electronic Arts are already in “late stage” with their $1 billion acquisition of Plants vs. Zombies developer PopCap.

Neither EA nor PopCap has openly admitted to the deal, but website TechCrunch claims to have two sources who confirmed the news.

“If the unconfirmed report turns out to be a $1 billion price tag would substantially overshadow EA’s 2009 acquisition of social game developer and Pet Society maker Playfish, which the publisher bought in a deal worth up to $400 million,” Gamasutra wrote.

But EA wasn’t the only company interested in buying PopCap. Social gaming publisher Zynga, famous for their Farmville Facebook game, has reportedly also been interested.

PopCap makes about $100-150 million a year.

By Charlie Fripp – Consumer editor

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