3G coming to Telkom Kenya

June 22, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

3G service will be made available in Kenya

In Kenya, 3G services will be coming to Telkom Kenya users in the third quarter of this year, the France Telecom unit said in a press statement.

The move hopes to increase profits lost by the decline of mobile rates in the country.

Telkom Kenya’s CEO Mickael Ghossein said that the move will help buttress the company’s stalled profit earnings and give users the ability to browse the Internet from their handheld devices.

“We want to have [a] very good network and very good customer service because if you fail you kill business,” Ghossein said in an interview with Bloomberg news agency.

The announcement comes as the 49% state-owned telecom operator continues to upgrade its networks to allow them to handle fourth-generation technology.

This, Ghossein says is aimed so “in the future, if we have to launch 4G, we don’t have to buy another equipment.”

Data is becoming the leading source for reliable revenue after the country’s regulator in August halved the rates companies can charge for interconnection fees, which led to months of price wars between telecom operators.

According to Ghossein, Telkom Kenya has lost as much as $22 million, in voice revenue.

by Janan Yussif



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