Saturday Edition 21 May 2011


It’s time for the Saturday Edition, your weekly round-up of the most important ICT news, as well as a few fun items to get your weekend off to a good start. So, grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy our choice of tech and communications news.

The News

South African news was dominated by this week’s local government elections, we have  a detailed article about how Telkom’s network has been used to support this election.

The federal government of Nigeria has signed a US$29 million contract with Hewlett Packard for the establishment of Government Integrated Financial and Management Information System (GIFMIS).

Google has rolled out a free SMS service in Uganda which consumers can send via their G-mail accounts.

How to…

The “How To…” section of the Saturday edition is intended to give you some insight into an aspect of technology which you may use, or be interested in using, in a way that will help you derive extra value and usefulness out of your technology.

This week’s tip comes from, and gives us a good idea for dealing with all those messy cables that come along with our favorite electronic devices. I like it, time to buy some super glue.

Info in a picture…

Infographics have become a great way to share a lot of information in an attractive way. Today we feature an infograph about how cyber crime affects Internet users.

Weekly Cartoon

Today’s cartoon comes from XKCD.