Nigeria angry over Abuja mobile shutdown

Nigerian customers are angry over the recent mobile network shutdown in Abuja. Most mobile kiosks stopped operating on May 29. The mobile network disruption are part of the government’s continued apathy towards its citizens.

“I couldn’t call my family or my wife to tell her I was running late. It was wrong,” says a source. The second nodded in confirmation.

On Sunday, the federal government told all telecom operators to close services for nearly the entire day. Airspace was also closed to commercial flights.

A CDMA operator, Visafone, has informed its customers in a text message about the directive. The text message read: “Dear customer, as directed by the federal government, our service will be suspended from 6am-10pm on May 29 at Eagle Square, Abuja. Inconveniences regretted,” reported.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) was unresponsive to questions as to why the networks were closed, saying that it was the government’s decision.

“We cannot divulge complete information as to what the nature of the shutdown was for or why it happened, all we can say is that the networks are back up and running smoothly as of Monday,” says a source.

The government is making efforts to boost mobile operations in the country. The recent customer service interruptions might cause the public to lose confidence in the country’s mobile growth plans.

By David Eto

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