WACS Landing in pictures


At dawn yesterday, a group of determined journalists and executives gathered on an icy cold beach to watch the landing of the West Africa Cable System (WACS) cable at Yserfontein in the Western Cape. A clear sky, lit by a waning full moon, and the almost imperceptible wind made for perfect conditions for the final leg of the undersea cable to be laid. Here are some of the photographs IT News Africa took of the landing.

Divers and a member of the beach team prepare to haul the rope up onto the beach (Image credit: Angela Meadon)
Divers and the beach team haul the guide rope up the beach (Image credit: Angela Meadon)
The beach team attaches the guide rope to the backhoe that will haul the cable up onto the beach (Image credit: Angela Meadon)
The buoys mark the position of the WACS cable, which self-buries in the soft beach sand (Image credit: Angela Meadon)
Representatives of the WACS Consortium share the excitement as the cable reaches the beach (Image Credit: Angela Meadon)
An example of the double armored cable which is laid close to the beach, showing the two layers of steel cable and tar-soaked material which protects the fibre-optic cable (Image credit: Angela Meadon)

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