Safaricom accused of delaying port requests

April 29, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Porting Access Kenya has accused Safaricom of deliberately blocking its customers from porting to other mobile service providers. reports today that Porting Access Kenya, the firm that manages the change of service provider, had received more than 43,000 port requests since the service was launched on April 1. Of those requests, only 10,000 had been successful, a meagre 22%.

“The problem lies with Safaricom,” Porting Access Kenya Ltd chairman Patrick Musimba said to while giving a progress report on the service. “They are not allowing ports to go through.”

Musimba points out that Safaricom’s actions contravene the International Telecommunications Union guidelines on provision of telecommunications service.

“The bulk of SMSs for port requests are pending – 34 per cent – while about 26 per cent are timed out,” Musimba said.

Porting Access Kenya reports that the majority of the subscribers who had requested ports (about 43,000) had requested to port to Airtel from Safaricom.

Of the 43,545 port requests received, 15,000 are pending while 11,000 have timed out.

Furthermore, reported that 450 of the 900 users who requested to join Safaricom have had successful port-ins.

Safaricom has disputed the claims that it is blocking port requests from its subscribers, claiming that those who had requested to port into its network were also experiencing delays.

Mr Nzioka Waita, Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at Safaricom, accused Porting Access and Airtel of “peddling lies” and claims that “They are not disclosing to clients who wish to port that they will lose M-Pesa when they port.”




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