Nigeria sees Etisalat bring competition

April 26, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms

Nigeria’s body for telecoms companies and regulation, the Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), said in a press conference that Etisalat’s entrance into the market has spurred competition in the IT and telecom sector.

Gbenga Adebayo, ALTON’s Chair, said that the United Arab Emirate’s-based company’s entrance into the Nigerian market has boosted competition among the country’s fragile telecom industry, helping to increase the overall pace of innovation in the country.

“Etisalat’s consistent effort targeted at stirring competition is laudable. That your products and services have set you apart for innovation is never in doubt, we can only request that you continue to provide best quality services at affordable prices for Nigerians, thereby staying true to the very essence of your company’s statements.”

Adebayo added that the telecom operator’s quality of service has forced other companies to increase their efforts to improve their existing services and provide customers with better quality service.

Etisalat’s CEO Steven Evans said that without a quality telecom industry, other areas of the economy could suffer.

“We will continue to invest heavily on our network so that we can achieve what is expected of us by Nigerians by delivering the best quality services,” he told reporters.

Evans added that data will be the next focus for the company and he sees potential growth in the Nigerian market for expansion.

“We are also going to intensify our efforts on delivering broadband services because it is very clear that broadband is the next big deal in terms of services to be delivered through GSM operators and we want to make sure that we are appropriately positioned to deliver on it,” he continued.

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